Abu Ghraib

July 21, 2008 at 6:33 am (Unforgotten History)

What have they done?
What did we do for them?
Where is Justice ?

the victims cried out
from unheard
to you

They came into my country
Holding their democracy

hanged, wires


I thought finally I would sleep once in my life

but we became naked


I asked them what did we do?
What have we done?
You came to help us
So I can sleep

I was raped


my father was raped

my brother was raped

my cousins were raped
My grandma was raped and everyone I knew

what else was lift for me with a kid i carry and a kid i hold
what else should I say?

Except I was raped

I was killed
I was thrown
and that’s the end

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